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Recognize Various Causes and Ways to Eliminate Yellow Teeth

There are various things that can cause yellow teeth. For some people, this can interfere with self-confidence. But don't worry, because there are various ways to get rid of yellow teeth that you can do, including medical procedures with the help of a dentist. Signs of the appearance of yellow teeth can be recognized by the natural discoloration of teeth that turn yellowish. Some factors that can cause yellow teeth include the habit of drinking tea or coffee, smoking, rarely brushing teeth, as well as diseases and side effects of certain drugs. Recognize the Causes of Yellow Teeth Besides drinking coffee and smoking often, yellow teeth can occur if you don't clean up certain food or drink remnants, such as apples, potatoes, tea, soda, or red wine, which can leave gray or yellow stains on the coating. tooth enamel. Not only that, there are also other factors that can cause teeth to turn yellow, including: Excessive use of toothpaste containing fluoride. The use of mouth
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This method of Sleeping Without Crying for a Baby is Worth Trying

Baby crying when going to sleep is indeed a natural thing. However, there are actually ways to make babies sleep without crying, you know. Want to know? Come, see the way here. The method of sleep without crying or no tears method is one method of putting children to sleep by making the child sleep soundly by itself in situations that make him comfortable. How to do the method of sleep without crying This sleepless crying method is useful for improving the quality of baby's sleep, while also reducing the stress felt by parents when putting children to sleep. Here's how to put your baby to sleep without crying that Mother and Father can try: 1. Create a regular sleep schedule and ritual Make a sleep schedule and perform rituals before going to bed is important when you want to apply the method of sleep without crying on the baby. Set the same sleep time every day and do a habit before going to sleep, for example reading a book or singing a song. This will make the baby

The Role of Mothers in Child Growth and Development

Undeniably, parents are the main figures that make up children. The role of parents, especially mothers, is very important in fulfilling nutritional needs, as well as stimulating and monitoring the child's growth and development every day. Children can grow up healthy, and their abilities develop well, inseparable from the role of mother and father. Raising and monitoring the growth and development of the baby is indeed the task of both parents. But in general, a mother feels more emotionally attached because she is the one who is pregnant and giving birth. This is reinforced by studies that show that emotional attachment between mother and child can strengthen endurance, prevent disease, and sharpen children's intelligence (IQ). The bond between mother and child is a complex combination of psychological and biological aspects. The relationship between mother and child can affect brain growth, growth hormone, and the child's general health condition. Therefore, mothers